Chris Davison Gallery is saddened to hear the news that represented artist Bob Dorsey’s exhibition “Fifty” has been closed before it even had the chance to open.

As part of the Art in Public Places, the work was skillfully placed in the Juror’s room in Florida’s Polk County courthouse.  We appreciate the tireless efforts of Jane Waters-Thomas, Executive Director at Arts Ensemble Education Foundation, as she could have been knocked over by a feather when she received a call from the State Prosecutor’s Office:
The call basically said that the Jurors Assembly area was governed by three agencies, one of which was the prosecutors office, and that they would not allow us to keep the show. Their fears made logical sense, in that the work is impactful (their words) and that because the work was all strong appearing men that they felt it would influence jurors in some cases that involved things such as domestic violence.
I would like to personally thank her for going above and beyond and we are very excited to see that the Outer Space Gallery in Winter Haven, FL will take the entire exhibition and a date will be announced soon.